Abandon Project Revival Service Malaysia

Revive Abandon Building Projects at Affordable Rate

For Property Developer who wants to revive abandoned project, bringing hope back into the community and recoup losses.

Reviving an abandon project requires monumental efforts from architect, engineers and contractors.

Abandoned projects can be shattering for property buyers and the surrounding neighbourhood. This was mainly due to poor finance and partly due not being feasible, poor management and marketing.

As a result, financier and private owners are at lost and continue servicing the loan.

These abandon structure decay very quickly if not address sooner. It also becomes and eye-sore to neighbouring structure.

The longer the delay, the costlier it will be to revive these projects.

Expert team to Revive Abandoned Projects.

PPJ team of experts are capable of reviving abandon buildings within 1 to 2 years depending on the state and other factors.

We have successfully revived 8 projects for the past 10 years which turns an eyesore to fully utilised infrastructure appeasing community and environment.

PPJ Abandon Project Revival Service Process


Site Assessment

PPJ Expert Engineers evaluate the environment and condition of infrastructure and provide price range.

Planning, Contracting

PPJ Contracting team plan and deployed systematically to the site to rebuild your dream infrastructure.


Check, inspect, and test every operational component of the project. Ensure safety and usability.
Complete revival of structures,
buildings, private homes, 
highways, bridges and drainage.

Our Scope of Works

Architectural consultations
Architectural design and planning
Structural, and Mechanical & Electrical Engineering
Project Management

Revive infrastructure that has already been built.

Complete project on-time, less effort and efficiently.
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